If you are engaged in poultry farming and you want your daily work to be much easier and at the same time you want to achieve the target results, you will certainly not go wrong with equipment which we are offering. We offer our customers optimal and cost-effective solutions, based on many years of experience.

We provide our customers two success factors in the poultry industry, these two success factors are the increased turnover and production efficiency, which they achieve through its patented pan feeding system.

In order for the chickens to grow as fast as possible, or in order to reach their target weight in a shorter time, they must learn to feed properly from day one, and that is possible thanks to the unique design of the pan.

We offer equipment that is modern, easy to use, efficient, everything that optimal production requires.

If you want to install a house that is much more cost-effective and that makes your everyday business much easier, rest assured that you can trust us.

At your disposal.