ESF – Electronic pig feeding

SKIOLD specializes in electronic pig feeding.

ESF is one of the most widespread systems in Denmark when it comes to pig production. You can have sows in constant or dynamic groups. With constant groups, a weekly team is formed once and for all. In this way, the fight for dominance in the hierarchy occurs only once during the gestation period of the sows. Dynamic groups are formed continuously, and new sows are introduced at fixed intervals.

Transponder – feed station

The feed station is made of solid steel plates, which offer high quality and durability. Sows can move freely through the stations, without fear of injury, as there are no sharp corners and sharp edges inside the feed station. Also, the trough is designed to fit the natural eating behaviour of the sows. There is also a unique rinsing system, which automatically rinses the trough after each feeding, and of course manual rinsing is also possible. The option of installing a color spray system (with up to 3 different colors) above the eating area is possible.

With the Transponder Feed Station you choose whether you want liquid or dry feeding at your electronic pig feeding stations.

ESF computer

The ESF computer provides many of the features that can be expected from a modern feeding computer, and even various Windows programs for remote control and management are available. A combination of newly developed hardware and software, it is a great tool for ESF administration and for liquid feeding.

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