Interior of the pens

Interior of the pens are a very important factor that in many ways facilitates work and improves production results.

Floors of pens have a major impact on the hygiene and health of pigs and therefore their behavior. Each farm is different, and therefore requires a solution that suits it, and here there is the possibility of combining floors if staff, environment and pigs are considered.

Good design of a pen is also very important, because good design provides features that support animals to behave naturally, with easy access to food and water, which is essential for their well-being and, of course, high levels of productivity.

The materials used in the barns are very important, first because of the durability of the equipment. And secondly, materials that are easy to clean and maintain offer a high level of hygiene and reduce the possibility of disease transmission between batches.

Choosing the right drinking system is necessary as it affects pigs’ health, growth and reproduction. Drinking water must be available to pigs of all ages. The drinking system must provide the necessary flow of water and the number of access points that meet the requirements of the pigs.

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