Liquid feeding

SKIOLD offers liquid feeding systems that are very efficient and at the same time easy to use, suitable for simple systems with only one mixer, as well as for more complex systems with several mixers and feeding tanks.

Mixing tanks

Mixing tanks have a capacity of 1500-8000 liters. The tanks are equipped with an automatic cleaning system. To prevent accidents, there is a safety device mounted on top of the tank. The tanks are designed to have a long service life and provide quick and easy cleaning.

Feed pumps

Pumps made of stainless steel with 4.00 or 5.5kw motors, provide high performance and operational reliability.

Liquid grinding

Liquid grinding is a unique way of handling wet corn. The liquid is added to the liquid feed tank before grinding itself. The liquid helps to grind the corn in the mill and prevents material from accumulating. If you want to have excellent food hygiene, this system is a great solution because when the grinding is complete, the system itself is cleaned internally with clean water. Therefore, problems with condensation and food residues are successfully avoided.

Feed valves

We offer a full range of feed valves, which also include feed valves, section valves and ball valves. The valves are made of stainless steel, that is, fitted with a stainless angle and stainless bolts, making it easy to mount. The rubber membrane is made of two layers of rubber, high quality and with long lifetime.

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